Welcome to our specialized service page, dedicated to helping your website recover from the latest Google updates. Our focus is on the three most recent updates: Google Helpful Content Update (September 2023), Google Core Update (2023), and Google Spam Update (2023).

This service is tailored specifically for affiliate websites and content creators who have noticed a significant change in their site’s performance after these updates. Many have experienced a peculiar phenomenon where their web pages, while still indexed in Google Search Console, no longer hold a ranking position. This issue can significantly impact your site’s visibility and performance.

Note: There is no case study of a website that recovered from HCU yet.

Our team has extensive experience and a track record of positive results in addressing these challenges. Our service includes:

  1. Analysis of Current Content: We conduct a thorough review of your existing affiliate content to identify areas impacted by the Google updates.
  2. Development of New Structure for Affiliate Posts / Rounndup Reviews: We devise a strategic structure for your affiliate content to enhance its compliance with the latest Google algorithms, ensuring better stability in future updates.
  3. Practical Examples with Real Cases: As part of our service, we will restructure two actual affiliate posts that have been affected and removed from the index. These real-life examples will serve as a template for applying these strategies to your content.

Our goal is to help your affiliate website navigate these changes and reclaim its rightful place in search engine rankings. With our expertise, your site can adapt and thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Price: 890$